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botox tulsa


Botox is used to smooth the lines around the eyes. Areas commonly treated include crow’s feet, lines between brows, and forehead lines.
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tulsa juvederm


Juvederm is used to treat the lines that run from the nose to the chin (nasolabial fold) and the lines around the lips.

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tulsa scupltra


Sculptra® targets hollowed areas of the face such as the cheeks due to fat loss and sagging skin. Sculptra is also very effective treating deep wrinkles such as smile lines.
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tulsa voluma


As we age we tend to lose volume in our mid-face. Juvederm Voluma® targets the cheek area restoring volume to the face giving you a more youthful appearance.

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Liquid Facelift

You want that refreshed and rejuvenated look but you just aren’t quite ready for a facelift? Then the liquid facelift is for you.
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