Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures performed today. It can have a profound impact on a patient who has grown up self conscious about her breasts. This procedure is very safe and fairly rapid from which to recover. Whether thought of as “Breast Enhancement” or a “Boob Job,” breast augmentation uses an implant placed behind the breast tissue or the chest muscle to add volume to the existing breast mound. Patients will enjoy many years of enhancement but may have to have additional surgery to replace or revise the implants. There are many exciting choices when planning to have augmentation. These involve type of implant, incisional approach, implant positioning, surgery location and finally anesthesia.

The first step in the path to breast augmentation begins with a consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons. Board Certification in PLASTIC SURGERY gives the patient confidence that the surgeon has completed a multi year residency in plastic surgery completing a required number of augmentations, has passed rigorous testing to show competence it this surgery, and has proven to a panel of his elders that he is both ethical and well trained. The consultation covers the patient’s motivation for augmentation, her breast health history, general health history, and finally an examination of the breasts. Careful measurements of the breasts are taken to individualize the fit of the implant to that of the patient’s breasts and chest. This gives the best and most natural fit. Photographs are taken to review with the patient pre and post operatively. Once the patient is dressed, our plastic surgeons sit down with her and answer any questions or concerns she may have. Then they, together, discuss the best type, saline or silicone, as well as size of implant for the patient. An incisional approach through the arm pit, areola, or lower breast fold is chosen. The patient may be a candidate for implant placement under the breast or under the pectoralis chest muscle. She can choose from the outpatient hospital setting or better yet the discreet and more personal choice of our private surgical suite, nationally accredited by AAAASF. Finally, all surgeries are supervised by a board certified anesthesiologist so that time under general anesthesia is as safe as possible. The procedure, the post operative course, and what can be expected in the future is reviewed with the patient. Finally, the patient meets with our surgery coordinator who will handle prices, scheduling of surgery, and even financing options. At Plastic Surgery Associates of Tulsa, we want each patient to feel completely comfortable with not only breast augmentation, but more importantly, with our staff, surgical suite , and especially our doctors.